The Dragon Dimension – Caught in the Dragon Cove – by Ressa Empbra


Her… with bright-green eyes~

Working for a covert government agency, Iax travels the world… and beyond. She also journeys out of this world to other Realms in various Dimensions, which only a privileged few have knowledge of. Her job: Putting a halt to imminent battles and wars… before it’s too late.

Finding herself dropped into a heated battle in the Dragon Cove Realm of the Dragon Dimension, Iax assumes the usual; get in, get the job done, get out. Easy-peasy…

However, this mission is like no other, as it will change her life in ways she could have never imagined. Upon seeing the male she’s been sent to take down, a myriad of feelings – emotional and physical – overwhelm her. She never wanted a relationship; no time, no need for drama, nor desire… until he rocks her world.

Iax is headstrong, stubborn, and tough, but that may not be enough to fight a compulsion strong enough to set her aflame, mind, body, and soul. Logic and determination can’t always overcome what is genetically predetermined.

Him… with deep-emerald eyes~

A stalwart warrior and fierce Dragon-shifter, Mazar has served his Weyr all of his overlong life. Now he needs, with a crazed, burning passion, to find his Truemate, as the torments his unmated-kind suffer for so long are corroding his mind…

Kidnapping another Weyr Chief’s Truemate – an offense punishable by death – seemed like the perfect solution… at the time. But she is not his Truemate, the only one who can bring him relief. Worse, he has endangered his Weyr. What’s left of Mazar’s honor demands he make amends and accept his punishments.

His Weyr Chief may call for exile… or death. He will not fight it, knowing full-well that this most heinous act warrants his fate…

On his way to place his destiny in the hands of justice, fortune hands him the most painful irony. Mazar spots her; an odd, unfamiliar female upon a cliff-top. But how could it be, after so long, that his Truemate appears the very day he resigns himself to death? Can he fight it? Should he even try?

Them… together, Dragon-forms swathed in gold~

Join Iax and Mazar in the first instalment of The Dragon Dimension, as they battle logic, emotion, fate, and… themselves.

Get Caught in the Dragon Cove, where secrets and tempting passions lurking just out of sight, are all revealed…

**Contents Copyrighted 2011 by Theressa Branham**