I give Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star), by J.P. Grider a 5-Star Review!!

J.P. Grider‘s writing style as well as her character and story-line development are amazing! As her characters came alive right away, it was easy to click with each one, and that’s not always an easy accomplishment for a writer. I believe J.P. Grider is another up and coming author who will go the distance, and I for one, cannot wait to read more of her works! It’s not often that I re-read any book, but I have already read Unplugged twice, it’s that addictive and I just can’t get enough! I’m sure I’ll read it more in the future!

Tagg Holland is a washed-up, self-destructive, retired Rock Star. He feels that the tragic events of one fateful night are his fault, and he carries the burden heavily on his shoulders, alone. After he quits his band, Holland, Tagg goes into seclusion to grieve and drown his guilt in booze and drugs, and he feels it only fair after the tragedy he thinks he caused.

He allows himself to pack on the pounds, lets his once-gorgeous hair grow ratty and not appealing in the least, and grows an excessive amount of truly unattractive facial hair. Why? Because, even though he doesn’t get out much, when he does, he has absolutely no desire to be recognized as the once-hot Tagg Holland, former Rock Star. And, because that would be too easy; it would allow him to get on with the business of living again. It might also force him to cease his reclusive ways and actually look forward to something. Anything…

His dad pushes for Tagg and the band to reunite and go back out into the world again, to live. But he doesn’t want that because he feels he is one of the most undeserving screw-ups in the world. That is, until his mom decides to put her foot down and gives him little choice in the matter of cleaning up his act. Little does anyone realize at the time, but that just may happen, in the literal sense.

When a petite young woman with huge, familiar brown-eyes shows up on his doorstep informing him that she will be his personal fitness trainer, things begin to change. Emotions, feelings, and things Tagg never wanted to deal with again seemingly begin to look like real possibilities. Ones that may just be feasible, if only he would open up and be more accepting. As things start to take a new shape in his life, he begins to realize the self-imposed, lifelong guilt he was not willing to give up, might be ready to give him up…

Eventually, Tagg comes to see that he’s been missing out, letting life pass him by. And even though he never thought it was possible, he feels a powerful longing to live again. To love again. To just be again.

This is an awesome read and if I keep going, I’ll tell you the whole story. What fun would that be? Exactly, lol. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever given up, or even toyed with the idea. And to those of you who love to watch people bloom, to feel their emotions come alive, and to see the character’s lives take a huge turn that will have you laughing, crying, and rooting for an HEA for Tagg Holland; washed-up, has-been Rock Star.

Will he reunite his old band? Will he ever give his heart permission to open up and love again? You’ll have to buy a copy of Unplugged (A Portrait of a Rock Star), by J.P. Grider, to find out! You won’t regret it, this is an awesome book!