Normally I say, “I give Energy, by M.J. Schutte a 5 Star Rating!!” In this case, however, I must amend that to, “M.J. Schutte’s – Energy – commands a 5-Star Rating!!” Because it was effortless to score his work. 



I won this amazing e-book by simply ‘liking’ M.J.’s Facebook Page, apparently I was one of the right numbers. You can’t beat a free read, moreover, you can’t beat one that was as intriguing, unique and original as Energy.

It’s rather lengthy, but worth every moment spent reading this suspenseful story. M.J. Schutte’s imagination not only blows me away, but also tells me he will only grow better with time.

If you’re an avid reader, you know that today’s average novel is rather long, or at least longer than your traditional trade paperback novel. You’ll find M.J. Schutte’s novel is somewhere between three and four full-length novels. Additionally, if you’re a ‘speed-reader’ – as am I – you will be pleasantly surprised that Energy’s suspense and ease of flow will only take two to four days to get through, as long as you’re not interrupted often.

M.J. has cleverly created an amazing world where many people known as the Dark Ones, have a type of magical powers. I’ll not go into details or post spoilers, as that is not my style. I’d rather save that for you, the reader, so every fascinating tidbit is a surprise for you as it was for me. But, I will do my best to explain what I can…

Brighton, an extraordinarily large and strong young man, and his beautiful, petite childhood friend, Lillian, fell in love without realizing it while growing up as playmates. When tragedy strikes and young Lillian disappears, and after losing other loved ones, Brighton sets out to find his ‘Lily.’ When he’s told that she’s dead, he settles with an older, motherly-like woman to make a new life for himself in a new, remote place.

Little does he know, his Lily lives, and their journey to reunite will bring you tears of joy. He discovers there are some at work who only want to see to his well-being and happiness, and aid he and Lily as they only wish to be together and live out their lives in peace and quiet. But, it never is that easy, is it?

After realizing his own powers, Brighton embarks on a mission to end the heavy-handed rule of the Dark Ones, who have controlled everyone and everything for thousands of years. Many people support him hoping they also can finally live in peace, but it’s not that easy as there are many bad guys (and gals) who want him dead once they find out he could be more powerful than anyone to ever exist.

Not all the good guys (and gals) survive, and neither do all the bad ones, but the journey to dissolve the old and unwanted ways becomes ugly and tiring. Only Brighton can make that happen, though, and along the way he also finds that – just like the Dark Ones – power can consume and destroy even one with the best of intentions.

I highly recommend you follow this captivating journey where you will find love, hate, happiness, heartbreak, old lives ending, new lives beginning, and much, much more in Energy. As it is such a lengthy novel, I’m finding it difficult to give it due justice in a mere few words. The only way to really understand and fall in love with it, as I did, is to buy a copy of M.J. Schutte’s Energy for yourself. You’ll be happy you did!