I give Monique O’Connor James‘ novel, Jamais Vu – I’m not sure how it’s pronounced 🙂 – a 5-Star Rating!! 

I read Monique’s The Keepers a while back, and knew then that I would alway enjoy all of her works. I wasn’t wrong. The novel, Jamais Vu, did not disappoint and was even better than The Keepers. I must say, of all the books I’ve read – that would be a LOT – this is the only one I’ve ever read that I did not find a single typo. Not that I’m looking for them, but my OCD seems to somehow magnetically drawn them out.

She already was a great writer, but I feel her character and story-line developments, along with her writing style have progressed even more so. I truly feel she could become one of the ‘big dogs,’ so to speak.

About the novel; Jamais Vu begins on a tragic note, but quickly veers off in a different and riveting direction when Monique’s female lead, Darby, has a near-death experience. But, she is quickly sent back from ‘the light’ after being told there was more for her to do before her time was up. Reluctantly, even though she has no choice, Darby reenters her body, her existence and the life she wasn’t all that thrilled to get back to…

Plagued by nightmares that don’t make any sense, Darby tries to figure out what it all means. She sees a therapist and finally opens up to him, as she’s not allowed to discuss the ‘incident’ with her family; Mom, Dad and Sister would all rather live in a make-believe world where nothing bad ever happened. Finally talking about everything is helpful, but it still doesn’t bring her closer to any answers, in fact, the nightmares get worse.

In them, she sees people who will die and is able to warn (won’t say who or how many) certain – but not all – people hoping to save them from a horrible fate. Even with that ability, it’s not always enough as fate has a mind of its own. Darby feels useless and hates when she has to sleep, knowing she’ll have to face the demons, tortures and other horrid things when she does.

There’s one specific man she continually dreams about who’s always smiling on the outside, yet she knows his hidden secrets and that he has his own demons to fight. When she finally meets him, Kasey, at a local club where he’s a singer in a band where she lives, the two are instantly drawn to each other. Fight it as they may, whatever force wants them together is determined to win.

We all know the saying, “It’s a small world,” and that sentiment couldn’t be truer for Darby when Kasey introduces her to his fellow-band-mates and others in their lives. She’s relieved to be meeting others who understand her own personal hell, and hopefully help shed some light on what she’s going through involving her nightmares.

Some people aren’t always who or what they seem, nor are they all bad, but they’re not all good, either. Now, it’s up to Darby to figure out which is which, and what to do if she’s going to help any of the people in her nightmares; those tagged for death. It’s also up to her to decide if she wants to live life to the fullest, chance her heart, and maybe even find love for herself.

I could recite the whole tale, but what fun would that be? 😀 Suffice it to say; you need to get yourself a copy of this amazing, wonderfully written novel and read it to see why it’s now one of my personal favorites. You won’t regret it! Now, I’m highly anticipating Déjà Vu, Monique’s next installment in this fabulous tale!