I was born and raised in Colorado, and have moved at least 30 times in my life, all by the age of 24 years old. Thank God I’ve been blessed to live in our current home since 1993, and it is truly our home… The place my husband and I have raised our 3 kids. The place where we brought our 1st puppy home to. The place where we brought our 2nd puppy – son to the 1st puppy – home to. Sadly, the place where they both grew old and had to be ‘let go’, for the sake of their declined quality of life. Also, the place we started and have run our own business in the construction industry, for over 18 years, which served and blessed us richly for most of those years. And recently, the place where we’ve brought our 3rd puppy – great, great, great-grandson to our 1st puppy – home to. Yes, in case you haven’t guessed, we love our furry-4-legged-babies! They’ve all been English Springer Spaniels, and wonderful companions for us, as well as our kids, when they were younger.

I’m happily married for over 26 years to the love of my life. Together, we’ve had and raised 3 kids; our daughter and 2 sons. They’ve been the highlight of our lives, and at times, the reason we go crazy, not to mention the cause of ALL of my gray hairs. *laughs* We’re proud that they’ve grown into beautiful, loving young adults.

I only started writing in September of last year, 2010, and I’ve loved (mostly) every minute of it! My 1st novel only took me 3 months to write, then 3 more months of editing. Unfortunately, I’m still not done. I had no idea that the writing was the ‘easy’ part, or just how frustrating the editing part would be. I haven’t even been published yet, but from what I’ve experienced so far, that part is even more trying… But, I will prevail! I’ve made that vow to myself, and I will make it happen! This if the first thing I’ve ever done just for myself and I’m extremely proud of ‘ME’.

As I post portions of my work, you’ll see why I have two pen-names; each novel so far is vastly different from the other, in every way. I hope nobody is offended at any of my works, and if you are, well I’m sorry, but I can’t help what comes out of my crazy head. *laughs* It just rolls down from my brain, through my arms, out my fingertips and onto my Mac…

My 1st novel; The Krascheam Chronicles: Guided, is based on myself. I do have Fibromyalgia, and all of the other conditions mentioned in the first couple pages of the first chapter. That’s obviously what inspired the novel, and I found as I went along that it is possible to escape from my own reality, even if only for a little while, by writing about it. Weird as it sounds, it really did make me feel better about myself, and my health. I still have everything, and I can’t predict from one minute to the next how I’m going to feel, but writing truly gives me the fantasy world that makes life more bearable, and takes my mind off of all of life’s ‘other’ problems.

My 2nd novel: The Dragon Dimensions: Caught in the Dragon Cove, is not based on my, or anyone/anything I know. It simply ‘appeared’ inside of my head one day. This was a really fun story to tell. The main character, Iax, is a complete bad-ass and a hoot most of the time. She does perhaps resemble someone I wouldn’t mind being, if it were actually possible to be her. She’s beautiful, strong, smart – the aforementioned bad-ass – and so much more, I just love her. I can’t leave out her buddy, though. Gemma, her ‘tour guide’, as Iax calls her, is also the total package, but she’s much more ‘proper’ and knows how to behave herself. *laughs* Alright, I’m not going to give anymore away on this novel, you’re going to have to read it to find out more. *smirks*

I hope you’ll stick around and check out my ‘other worlds’, and please feel free to leave me feedback. I appreciate everyone’s opinion and time. Also, please be patient with me as I travel the ‘self-publishing-superhighway’. It takes a long time and many resources. But, again, I WILL prevail! 😀

Thank you, and happy reading!


Ressa Empbra aka: LM Branham