I give Death: Living To Talk About It by Brian M. Hayden a 5-star review!

An intimate, poignant, and at times, humorous, in-depth look into the real life of an extraordinary man who has struggled his whole life with various health problems. Please indulge me for a moment, if you will. Can you try to imagine: Going along your merry way in life, then suddenly you have a heart attack in your thirties? I can’t, but Brian Hayden did.

Reading his book was a huge eye-opener, as well as one of the most engaging reads I’ve ever come across. He starts out explaining life as a child, in the times where smoking and drinking were not only accepted, but habits most adults partook in. I, too, grew up witnessing this behavior, although I still thank God that my own Mama never did drink or smoke. My Dad? Well, he did. Now? He’s on oxygen, has COPD and a few other serious health problems, not to mention issues caused by his drinking, which he still does. It is a very sad state of affairs, and one that touches many more lives than the one indulging will ever know.

Brian ends his book in the current time, where every day is still a struggle just to stay alive. He has lived quite a life, all the while managing, or trying to manage his various health conditions, which are too numerous to list here. Brian’s adult life started in our U.S. Military, serving his country just as so many had to back then, and still do now.

He also makes it very clear that he does not blame the U.S. Military for his smoking and drinking ways, but he does explain how easily one can fall prey to such bad habits in that setting. We’ve all seen the movies about war times, or just the military in general, where most of the people smoke and drink. In fact, they even make it look ‘cool,’ or ‘sexy,’ or who knows what, but they make it look good. I can’t imagine actually living it, and being able to walk away. There’s always been peer-pressure, and person does have pride, after all

Nowadays, if you drink, most people don’t have much to say since usually, at the very least, they, themselves are ‘weekend drinkers’ or something to that effect. But, if you’re a smoker?? OMG! You are the scum of the Earth. It’s your fault. Doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is, it’s simply your fault. And there’s absolutely no way you’re truly a productive member of society. Wanna know a lil secret? Most of those ‘weekend drinkers’ are also ‘closet smokers’ who think there’s no harm in lighting up only when they drink. And they drink often! Not only on weekend! Here is where I digress. This isn’t about me, this is about Brian’s wonderful writing talent, his life of being an overachiever, and his astounding words.

I don’t remember how many, but Brian really did ‘die’ several times in his life, yet he’s still kickin’ and out of the many things I love about him, I’d have to say his humor is the best. I laughed. I cried, I cursed. I wanted to throw things a few times. But not at Brian. No, never at Brian. He’s lived his life as a standup man. He’s served his country where so many won’t even try. He married his young sweetheart, who I must say, is simply Brian’s Angel come to Earth to watch over and care for him. Let’s face it, he does need taking care of from time to time…

What a strong personality! Such a lust for life! I cannot comprehend how Brian was able to continue living his life the way he did, having one health problem after another for so many years! Most would have simply given up many years ago. I have nothing but respect for this man who has more compassion than most, and has even touched my own life.

There are, as I’ve mentioned, drinkers, and there are smokers in my family, and they are all now required to read Death: Living To Talk About It! And no, there will be no exceptions. I feel it is that important, and if people can’t learn and take away from this book ways to educate themselves and possibly even prolong their own lives, well then, they won’t learn it anywhere.

I want to personally thank Brian M. Hayden for writing and sending this book to me. I am truly praying and hoping it will be a lifeline, of sorts, to some of my own loved ones.

I struggled with writing this review. How do you sum up a man’s life with mere words? I’m still not sure, but this is my best effort. I hope it’s enough to persuade others to get out there, or online, and BUY A COPY OF DEATH: LIVING TO TALK ABOUT. I cannot do this book any further justice, you will have to read it to understand my words.

You will not regret buying and reading Brian Hayden‘s book.  

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