Besides giving Tamed by a Highlander by Paula Quinn a 5-Star review, all I can say is: OH. MY. GOODNESS!

Having read all of her other Highlander books, I absolutely HAD to read her follow up series: Children of the Mist. I guess that means I have all kinds of other things to say about it now, don’t I? *smiles*

Going back a couple years, I fell in love with Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn. And still, to this day it is one of my all-time-favorite books. The dark, brooding Callum MacGregor was a force of nature all on his own. This new spinoff series takes place years later picking up in the lives of the now-grown-children from the original Highlander series.

Tamed by a Highlander is about Callum’s daughter; the extremely feisty, opinionated, knows-how-to-kick-ass, Mairi MacGregor. As lethal and dangerous as she is beautiful, she takes a stand along side one of her brothers, Colin, and joins their militia to fight for the rights of all Highlanders; freedom to practice their chosen religion.

All the books in the original and this series are based around factual events from the political wars in the Seventeenth Century, England and Scotland being the backdrop for most of the adventures. This book, however, takes place strictly in England where Mairi has gone on a covert mission to dig up information on her cause’s enemies. And, happens to run into the man who stole, then later broke her young heart seven years prior.

Enter Captain Connor Grant: Once a handsome, loving boy, Connor has turned into an irresistible, muscular, golden god and try as she might, Mairi cannot stop thinking about the ‘what would have beens,’ had he not left her seven years ago. They grew up together at their home on Skye, in the Highlands of Scotland, a birthplace of which she could not be prouder. After giving herself to him in every way at the ripe young age of fifteen, he left shortly after to join the king’s army in England. Being cousin to the king left him no choice in the matter.

Even though Connor tried for years to get her to join him and move to England, she refused and hated him for breaking her young heart and betraying their beloved Scotland, or so that’s how she saw it. It’s hard to continue hating him though, after seeing the man he’s turned into and realizing he had always loved her, even when she thought he hadn’t. He didn’t betray his country, he had no choice. If only she could have realized that sooner, they would not have wasted seven years of their lives being miserable and apart from each other.

Connor knows her mettle, knows her ire, knows she will not be told what do, or what not to do, and loves every bit of her fiery Highland temper. But, when her life is in danger by the company she keeps while trying to get information on her enemies, and avoid him, he decides to take matters into his own hands. As well as her body… A man can only resist the love of his life for so long. Likewise, a woman can only resist the love of her life, and a delectable man like Connor – even if he is a rake – for so long, too.

It doesn’t take long for the pair to finally give in to their passion for one another, as well as trying to protect and keep the other alive from enemies bent on seeing them both dead. Their somewhat tenuous relationship is all the more steamy when they do come together. Every single time. But, will that be enough to keep them together, to keep their rekindled love alive? Will he ever leave the king’s army, leave England and return with her to their true home on Skye? Or, will she give in and stay with him in England, even though she hates it?

I recommend not only this book, but the entire series to anyone who has a passion for love, country, hearth, home and of course, the Highlands of Scotland. You won’t regret buying and reading this Highlander series by Paula Quinn!