I Give Spartan Heart, Part One AND Spartan Heart Part Two by Kristine Cheney both 5-Star Reviews!

 If I could go higher than 5-stars, I would! I utterly loved these novels from start to finish! As Part Two is an extension of Part One, I’m doing my review for both novels as one review.

**Spoiler Alert** Thrust back into her old life, Evangeline returns home after the tragic death of both her parents. Having left home and country to attend Princeton University in New Jersey, she never planned on returning to England. Evangeline starts out blaming herself for not being there for her parents, leaving her feeling guilty about that and other parts of her life.

The Greco-Roman museum her family established decades ago, which her parents had been running for many years, is only a small portion of what she faces after the funeral. All the figureheads on the museum-board are decidedly against letting Evangeline take over and be in charge of the inner workings of the museum. Because she’s so young and was away for so long, they assume she has no interest in any of it. Are they correct, or are they being presumptuous?

Feeling sorry for herself, she goes out with her old best-friend to let her hair down for the evening. Upon returning home, she feels a pull to enter the private passageway that attaches the family mansion to the museum. After entering the dark, dusty storage room in the museum basement, she becomes sentimental and realizes that maybe she did miss this part of her life, after all.

Discovering an old Greek statue, she marvels at the perfect condition it’s in and puzzles over what look to be scars; a strange thing to depict in a statue. Knowing her history, she surmises that the statue appears to be from the time of Hero-King Leonidas Agiad. After some mental calculations, Evangeline decides this statue must represent Leonidas’ younger brother, the handsome Prince Dorieus Agiad.

Her thoughts still in turmoil and the effects of the alcohol from the night lingering, Evangeline has a silly moment of weakness and kisses the statue. Little does she know, that silly kiss frees the Spartan prince from the evil oracle, Demona’s curse. Suddenly, Tall Dark and Hunky, a sexy, mysterious man with emerald-green-eyes and large, bulging muscles is at her every turn. Tall Dark and Hunky seemingly never eats or sleeps, and always knows what she’s thinking and feeling.

Unable to resist being around him or stop thinking about him, Evangeline has no clue he was the Greek statue. The story unfolds into a very well told, hotter than hot love story for the ages. Even after Dorieus reveals his true identity to Evangeline, and the fact that he’s immortal, the relationship continues to grow and strengthen.

I absolutely adored the characters, loved the story line, and could not stop reading Spartan Heart until I was done!

Spartan Heart, Part Two picks up where Part One leaves off, taking the readers on an adventure to find and free the other warriors who were also cursed and frozen into statues by the same wicked-evil Demona. Dorieus, Evangeline and a few friends travel to the battleground where he and his warriors fell trying to reclaim Heraclea Minoa, now known as Sicily.

Plots for revenge by disgruntled foes threaten the mortality of Dorieus and his fellow-warriors as they fight time, the elements, and evil itself to unearth and bring his warriors back to life. He forces the women to leave the dig-site and retreat to their hotel for the night once a viscous storm erupts. He was never more relieved or thankful for the strength and depth of the connection he and Evangeline shared, till she instinctively knows to return, insisting something has gone horribly wrong.

Being in the fragile ‘condition’ she is now, awaiting the birth of their first child, Evangeline understands but doesn’t always agree with Dorieus’ overprotectiveness regarding the well-being of her and their unborn. He finds that she’s much stronger than he ever thought she could be, even though he’d already thought her stronger than most, even for a mere mortal.

I could go on all day about Spartan Heart Part Two, a wonderful, wild, action-packed, dramatic-romance, but where’s the fun in that? It’s a necessity that you buy and read these books, especially if you’re a fan of Greek Mythology, romance, adventure, the paranormal, mystery, wild-rides, and much more.

Spartan Heart Part Two is quite a bit longer then Part One, and even more so than Part One, it’s full of one exciting event after another. Kristine Cheney’s imagination and account of history is amazing as she tells this sizzling love story, mingled with plenty of action, drama, grief, happiness, every emotion possible, as well as other crazy life-events.

I cannot wait for her next installment. I don’t know for sure that there will be more, but I can’t imagine it not being so. This is a story that could live on in many novels to come. Spartan Heart Part One, and Spartan Heart Part Two are definitely two books for the keeper-shelf! I already know I’ll be reading them repeatedly! I’m looking forward to reading Kristine Cheney‘s other works!