I Give Bridleton by Becky Barker 4-Star Review!


**Spoiler Alert** This story is about the man and woman who fall head over heels in love with each other at an early age. The one who moves away to start a career and a new life never wants to look back. The one left behind is almost always that ‘never-changing’ type, remaining in the same place literally and metaphorically, left to wonder what they did wrong, and if their love will ever return.

Andrea, the Ugly Duckling who turned Swan, moves away from the family ranch in Texas to follow in her mother’s footsteps by pursuing a modeling career.

Noah, the man she leaves behind, has moved into the family homestead to help manage and run the ranch, as financial circumstances have the family’s Legacy looking extremely grim.

When Aunt Nanna, Andrea’s great-aunt who helped raise her, calls her and her siblings home, Andrea is furious that Noah is not only living there, but running everything. After a short meeting with her aunt – and Noah – she comes to the conclusion Noah is trying to take advantage of her now elderly aunt. Nanna let’s Andrea know that either she’ll sell the controlling portion of the ranch to Noah, making him the majority partner. Or, she and her siblings could step up and help save the ranch.

Things slowly change as Andrea realizes Noah isn’t being greedy, but he actually cares about Nanna and the ranch. He’s been working sixteen-hour days performing the hard physical-labor chores since she left five years prior. Finally, she and her siblings come together to help save the ranch, and the family’s Legacy.

Between Noah’s stubbornness and Andrea’s hardheadedness, will the two ever be able to let bygones be bygones and stop fighting their still-sizzling attraction to one another? You’ll have to get a copy of Bridleton by Becky Barker to find out.

This is a well written, quick read, classic love story. I look forward to reading more of Becky Barker‘s works!