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Having never read a memoir in my life, I was skeptical when I saw that The Gifted Ones was just that. I felt that way until about the first page! Lisa Vaughn is witty, funny, quick, happy, sad, and every other emotion under the sun.

As I followed along Lisa’s life journey, I was able to relate to so much of her story. At least as far as the things us kids did and went through back in the 60’s, 70’s, even some in the 80’s; it pleasantly took me back. I’ve read hundreds of books that made me laugh, cry, root for this character or that character, but in this book – being real and all – I was totally rooting for LISA THE GREAT! (You’ll have to read the book to see why that is sooo funny!)

If you have any memories at all of things such as; no cell phones and having to wait at home by the landline phone; you had to pass notes in class because without the all- important-cell phones, you couldn’t text message anyone; Mommy and Daddy never gave you a car so you either hoofed it or caught a ride with someone else; you were bullied and picked on in school and it was the worst place in the world to go because you really were on your own there; you got spanked and nobody called child services, if there even was a child services; you listened to vinyl records and couldn’t have your tunes with you everywhere you went; what the parents said was law, period; then you’ll enjoy this book. Those are the great things that make us appreciate so much in the world nowadays, even if we do still grumble about everything, anyway.

My tears, both happy and sad, cried over books in the past were real, but when I cried and laughed over this book, it was infinitely different. Better. Just real. Lisa is one hell of a great story-teller, and while putting her trials into print, she still has a wicked-awesome sense of humor that made me ask myself; “Self, how can she make jokes when things were such a mess and so difficult in her life?” Well, I suppose when you were born with a great sense of humor, it saves you when you need it most.

You’ll laugh and cry, too, as you take a ride through her childhood to her present day life. You’ll wonder how? Why? WTF? And plenty of other things throughout this memoir. It is, without a doubt, one of the best pieces I have ever read in my life. Lisa’s words touched me so profoundly, such as I’ve never felt from anything before. She brought back good and bad memories, alike, but hey, if she survived what she did, then anyone can survive anything! She is, after all, LISA THE GREAT!

I purposely didn’t put any spoilers in this review simply because it is THAT good, and I didn’t want to give anything away. I hope you’ll all get a copy for yourself immediately, and read it as soon as you have it! You won’t regret it!

Looking forward to more works by Lisa Vaughn!

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