** Spoiler Alert ** I recommend this novel to anyone open-minded to different religious views, as well as the paranormal world. It’s not a ‘preachy’ read, though based Christian views, but in a thoroughly unique and different kind of way. There’s also a good dose of your typical paranormal characters, you know, like demons, fallen angels, and the unexplainable…

The Keepers is a fun novel, in keeping with the popular paranormal fiction romance genre, yet author Monique O’Connor James has a bit of a different take on the matter. As a fellow-Christian woman, I was pleased and pleasantly surprised to find much of this story is based on God and the different views people have on religion.

Having been a Christian woman herself, Jess decides that God has forsaken her after she loses her mother who was also her best friend. This, after already losing her father. Upon the urging of her brother Jordan, Jess decides to move to New Orleans and stay in the family pad in an attempt to regroup after her mother’s passing. To say the least, she has no clue what she’s in for.

Thinking it a good idea to get out of the house, she goes to a local hangout for a night out. First, she meets and immediately befriends the peppy, beautiful Vi. Then, the ever-evasive Justin, who is nothing short of an anomaly to her. Attractive and sporting a ‘bad-boy’ edginess, Jess cannot stop thinking about him after she goes home that night. Yet, thanks to Vi, who kinda runs in the same circles as Justin, Jess ‘coincidentally’ starts running into him. Often.

Oddly protective of Jess, Justin is never too far from her whether she knows it or not. After a couple mysterious attempts on her life, she discovers that Justin isn’t quite ‘what’ she thought. Hesitantly, she talks him into a rather ‘sketchy’ explanation. Once he indulges her, surprising them both, she’s able to accept his ‘differences’.

They end up in an unpredictable, and much of the time, impassioned relationship. Both being too stubborn, neither wanting to concede to the other’s views on God, or on anything else, their relationship starts out as a rocky one, to be sure.

When a headstrong Jess finally concedes and allows an exasperating Justin to protect her, they realize they can’t seem to stay apart from each other. And, lest we forget that ‘someone-wants-to-kill-her’ thing, which results in a provisional situation, and having to share close-quarters for the sake of her safety. Along the way, they discover many things about each other, and themselves. Not all bad, but not all good, either.

Every time Jess starts to believe maybe she wasn’t forsaken, after all, another blows bowls her over. Only to remind her that God does not care about her, or anything in her life. Justin continually attempts to reason with her, convince her that God is real, and he does love and care about her.

The story goes from one emotion to another, their relationship goes from propitious to capricious, and back again, then taking everyone into a lively adventure later on. I enjoyed the dialogue throughout. The editing, in my opinion, was one the novel’s best attributes. Not too long, not too short, The Keepers is the perfect sized read.

You’ll be pulling for Jess throughout the novel!

This story explores and vividly displays a wonderful imagination on the author’s part.

I look forward to reading more of Monique O’Connor James‘ works!

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