Sinful HarvestSinful Harvest by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Sinful Harvest, much like its predecessors, was full of thrilling and even somewhat ‘freak-me-out’ erotica, but this one held a lot of humor not found in the previous installments. I really enjoyed Sinful Harvest, and as the title suggests, it is sinful… in all the right ways. Kerrick, the lead male character, is not only drop-dead-gorgeous, but he also has a wicked-awesome sense of humor.

Eagerly entering the Harvesting Room his first time, Kerrick thinks he had just hit the sexual-jackpot by claiming the coveted ‘Harvester’ position. But, he soon grows frustrated when he finds out that it was not at all what he’d expected, as he would learn of many obligations and responsibilities that he didn’t know about before hand. None of which were even remotely thrilling.

Having always been a ‘player’ all of his life, he was overly confident that he would never, ever claim a bond mate. Instead, his goal was to become the Magistrate of planet Diola. As far as he was concerned, he would simply fill The Harvester position for three cycles, get to have sex with hundreds, even thousands of virgins – what man wouldn’t take on such a role? – then he could move on to the Magistrate position.

That was, until he met his destined bond mate; the young, stunning, very inexperienced Ariss… As a result of the leaders changing ancient rules, to Kerrick’s initial horror, he becomes the sexual servant of Ariss. Against his inner turmoil over such a change of events, he takes his role seriously and remains stoic even when he would rather die than be in a obsequious position. Especially to Ariss, who he had been teaching the lewd arts to while he thought himself in control of their situation.

Still, being with a woman had never been so enticing, stimulating, or erotic… Will he stand passively by and simply act on her every whim? Or will he do the one thing he always swore he would never do; fall in love?

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