Ghost Town (Morganville Vampires, Book 9)Ghost Town by Rachel Caine

I started The Morganville Vampires series around July 8 or 9, 2011. Even with things being crazy around here, I was able to go from book #1, Glass Houses, to book #9, Ghost Town, in about 7 or 8 days. Putting down my Kindle simply was NOT an option! Rachel Caine’s take/twist on Vampire life, mixed with humans, along with non-stop action – in my opinion – was very different.

Usually, a Vampire series can be at least somewhat predictable; with this series, not so much. It was refreshing to read and I found that any predictions I thought may happen, usually didn’t.

I love the way Rachel Caine brought the inhabitants of the Glass House together; four rather unfortunate-misfits who seem to continually thrive, strengthen, and grow as a group. Each have different backgrounds, even though three of them grew up in Morganville, they’re still all vastly different whether it be by nature, instinct, or just their very own personalities. I fell in love with all of them in the very first book.

Along the way, we meet several ‘flavorful’ characters – pun intended, *winks* – whom each have entirely different agendas, ideas, egos, power-trip problems, and even a bit of surprising compassion for some. Watching how both sides continually have to work together for the greater good, even when it’s against the fabric of their very nature, allows readers to see that even in the worst of times, prey and predator can and do help, and even save one another when the need arises. And, yes, it arises. A lot.

You’ll find humor, sad, happy, heartbreak, and much, much more in this exciting, page-turning series…

I recommend this series to anyone who LOVES Vampires. Their different, a bit quirky, some mean, and a few are even funny. So grab your hats and hold on, this is one wild ride!

I can’t wait for the November 1, 2011 release of book #11, LAST BREATH, in:


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