I’da never thunk it, but seriously, and totally by accident, I found that using my Kindle as an editing tool was one of my greatest ideas ever~

I PDF’d my Doc aka: my novel, then used calibre to convert it into the Kindle format. Once I started reading it on my Kindle, if there was a typo it stood out like a HUGE sore thumb!

You’re able to make notes wherever you are while you’re reading. When you’ve finished reading, go to those notes, prop Kindle up next to your PC, Mac or other laptop, and make the necessary changes.

For me, it saved HOURS of editing the old fashioned way (for computers-lol), and I was able to have an ‘almost’ ready product in no time!

Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

Luv & Respect,

~Ressa~ 😀