Welcome to my new blog.

 As a new writer/author, this could not be a more exciting time for me!

I have written two totally unrelated novels, and had a blast working with both.

My ‘plan’ is to make my first series at least a trilogy, for now. My second series, however, could also be a trilogy, or it could go on and on.

I’m simply not in a position to predict that, yet.

 I’m often asked; “How do you come up with the character’s names and your storyline ideas?”

Well, this is the best explanation I can offer:

 When I sit down to begin a novel, it’s the weirdest thing. It’s like I’m watching a movie in my head, and just as it would be for anyone else, you can’t know what’s going to happen next. (As long as it’s a new movie.) 😀

 Once I start to get a feel for a main character, only then can I start building my story-line, from there, I simply let my imagination go wild! Literally!

 All of my characters who follow are either necessary, or they just kinda ‘show up’, like when company ‘shows up’ unannounced. I don’t mind that some of the time, but most of the time I do.

However, since my characters can’t ‘see’ me, they’re welcome here anytime; morn, noon, night and anytime in between.

 When I’m in need of a new character name, it simply comes to mind.

Likewise for names of places, animals, my imaginary worlds, events in that world , even down to names and descriptions for food and drinks or even timelines.

 Of course, if the story doesn’t take place here, in our current time and place, I’d be doing it NO justice to simply apply our own times, dates, measurements, etcetera.

 I absolutely LUV making things up! Not only the names of my characters, but of course, their descriptions, customs, traditions, cultures; any and everything I can think of to bring my ‘peeps’ to life.

 And once I’ve typed the last word on the last page, I feel that each of them are, and will always be a big part of me.

 I pray that holds, because just as our children, I luv them all the same!

 My fav part is when I finally get to start building the characters on the foundation of the main storyline.

From there, you’re guess is as good as mine. I truly have NO clue as to what I’m going to be writing, until the second I actually type out the words.

 Unless I’m struck by ‘Inspiration’ when away from my Mac. In which case, I simply turn those snippets, little gems really, into a great working part of my novel.

 I always said I could never write a book, that I lacked the patience, I guess I was incorrect, ;p.

I was also ‘one of those’ who would say “Nah, I’ll wait for the movie”, thinking that there was NO way a ‘book’ could EVER best a great movie.

Again, I was incorrect. (I’m NEVER ‘wrong’, hence the word ‘incorrect’) ; )

 After being poked, prodded and teased for months, I finally caved due to peer-pressure into reading a little-known series a few of you may have heard of:

Stephenie Meyer‘s ‘Twilight Saga‘? Yeah, that’s what I thought. That was in May of 2009.

 Once I was done reading that, I was turned onto more and more books, mostly vamp stuff.

 I have since become quite the recluse, hardly ever do I partake in the watching of any TV, whether it’s a ‘great movie’ or not. (I use to be a self-proclaimed tv/movie-aholic)

Now? I can’t stand for the TV to even be on in the same room I’m in.

 Here’s where I must confess; I’m a book-reader-addict, and I can’t stop!

 I have read over four hundred printed books since Twilight, and an additional – this is merely a guesstimate – three hundredish e-books on my ‘bff’, my Kindle.

 I still have hundreds, if not over a thousand e-books I haven’t even made it to, but I will! Some day!

 As for now, I’ll call myself an aspiring author/writer, and I plan to keep going down this track.

As for my luv of reading;

I read as often as I can! I have many ‘favorite’ authors, but just to name a few, here you go: Hannah Howell, P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast, Maggie Shayne, Sherrilyn Kenyon aka: Kinley MacGregor, Kresley Cole, Christine Feehan, Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, Monica McCarty, Richelle Mead, Christine Warren, Gena Showalter, and many, many more!

And though I never thought I would be a ‘booky’, I am, and I don’t plan to ever look back!

 I will be posting excerpts once in a while here on my blog over the next few months.

Hopefully by then, my dream of becoming a ‘self-publisher’ will have become a reality.

 I can’t wait and I hope you can’t either! 😀

 I hope you will enjoy my imagination, as I have.

I poured ALL of me into ALL of my work!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!