Last evening I was writing on my latest novel and man was I was on a roll! Had what I call a bad case of ‘crazy fingers’. I was even going outside of my comfort zone and adding a ‘love scene’, which I always said I’d never do. As I was constructing my true work of art – don’t judge me – I was most rudely interrupted by my husband, my grown son and our two dogs who became out of control for some weird reason.

What would or do you do in such a case? Do you yell at them? Tell them all how inconsiderate they are? Punish them? i.e.,:

1. “You’re so rude that I now declare you to be the launderer this weekend, since I have to work harder now to catch back up to where I ‘would’ have been had you not interrupted me.” ?

Or, maybe this little gem:

2.”You are now the ‘official-pooper-scooper’ for the weekend, since you couldn’t be bothered to deal with the dogs yourself and leave me alone last night.” ?

Of course, none of those things would ever actually go my way, much like my writing time, so I suppose here is where I digress…

Lucky for me, I am almost perfect, hence I am able to maintain a positive attitude most of the time. Therefore, I will be writing, most likely all day, to the point that I will refuse to prepare any meals at all this day. Two grown men should be able to handle that, don’tcha think? I do.

I’m off now – I have a novel to write – and they don’t write themselves…

Have a great, sunny, beautiful, peaceful three-day-weekend! 😀

Much Luv!

Ressa <3<3